1.) So, like, what can you do? 

ANYTHING! Well, i'm not Wonder Woman but give me denim and paint and maybe a needle and thread and I can to bring to life exaclty what you envisioned for your custom piece.  I can work with you to create the perfect jacket for your friend's birthday or awesome new jeans for you to wear to brunch next weekend.  Like all super heroes, I do have some weaknesses and depending on what type of material you want to work with it might be a challenge. But I am open to any project and always willing to give it my best shot. My favorite materials to work with are denim and other light to medium weight woven fabrics. 

2.) Do you only do jackets? 

MP USA is customized vintage apparel.  If you can wear it, I can embroider, sequin, paint, and bedazzle it. My skill set is not limited to clothing - I also work on home decor items and accessories. 

3.) Do I give you the item I want you to work on or do you source it for me? 

Your call!  There is the option to either use a personal item for your order or have me source the base item for you. If there is something in your closet you want to breathe new life into you can request a prepaid shipping label to send me your item or if you are local to the NY/NJ area, a pickup of the item can be arranged. If you would like me to source the base item for you, you would simply select this option on your order form. I am also happy to send photos of the potential base items if you want to have full control over the look of your item!  

4.) Where do you source your base materials from? 

The misson of MP USA is to stick to only using vintage items or scrap fabrics, found on eBay or in thrift stores. Occasionally, I will need to buy a new item to work on for certain project. In those cases, I would buy an item from an environmentally and ethically reputable retailer. 

5.) How long does it take you to complete a project? 

Typically, projects take two to three weeks from date of order to complete.  All rush orders are based on overhead and subject to an additional fee.  So for all those last minute gift givers, just let me know, I got you! 

6.) Where do you ship to? 

This is MP USA, so we got the 50 states covered. Shipping and handling requires are determined by weight and location. International shipping can also be arranged for those ordering from outside the USA. Hand delivery (by me :D) can also be arranged in the NY/NJ area.